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First Willo Meet!

Once upon a time in a land named Prescot...

Tuesday 4th September marked an exciting new project for MATE Productions! The first meeting for the company of our new production: Willo the Wisp and the Fire Sprite.

The evening kicked off with a read through of our brand new script, developed by artistic director Gaynor La Rocca and the creative team. Followed by exciting and energetic choreography from our resident movement director Beverly Edmunds, where fairytale characters of all kinds (Gnomes, goblins and wisps alike) were welcomed to join the party.

The evening then struck a harmonic note, as the cast Рlead by musical directors Aim̩e and Taran Harris Рcreated beautifully enchanting three part harmonies. Not too shabby at all folks!

Things then got a little bonkers as our directors (Gaynor La Rocca and Carl Fowler) had the whole company taking on the roles of Witches, Gnomes and trolls as the company devised small pieces – bringing our magical story to life.

Last but most definitely not least are our wonderful production volunteers who, in one session alone, have crafted magic wands and wizard school certificates for 150+ trainee wizards – who we look forward to joining us on our upcoming wizards quest!

All this in one evening – its safe to say this years autumn walkabout is sure to be walk in the park! (pardon the pun)